Promo EP 2

(Wave Format)

*Highest CD quality audio. For lower quality free downloads, see MP3 download link section below.

Promo EP 2 (CD quality wave format)
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Promo EP 2

(Free CD Offer)

*5 song compact disc EP offered for promotional purposes for a limited time only and not to be sold in stores. $5 domestic shipping charge paid by requester; 3 or more and additional shipping charges may apply. International rates vary at check out.

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Studio Releases:

Tell-Tale (320k)

Even if I (320k)

Bury the Ring (320k)

Divine (320k)

Feeling March (320k)

Speedball and Chain (320k)

4:00am ETD (320k)

Sentimental Keepsake (320k)

5 Song Promo EP & Cover Art - 320k MP3 (Zip File)


Live Recordings:

Bury the Ring (live, acoustic) (320k)

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