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A review of my experience hosting with iPage

To start this blog off, I should first be honest and tell everyone that I’m doing this review of my experience using iPage as a hosting service because I’m being compensated, but don’t let that make you think I’m a sell-out. I give my music away for free and hardly ever have fans who donate, so my indie credentials are still in check. I probably work 100x harder for 100x less pay than any musician who is not indie.

So with that out of the way, let’s begin explaining my satisfaction with iPage. I chose them because they are flat out the cheapest, because as I said, I don’t make much money from music, so I always try to be as thrifty as possible. To this date, I’ve been with ipage for 3 years and they host 2 of my websites (EveofRelease.com and SolomonsLabyrinth.com). I’ve never had any complaints from fans who couldn’t access my songs for either site, nor have I ever experienced any black-outs myself. I wish I could give one negative issue just to make this blog more believable, but I haven’t had a single problem. The price goes up after the first year, of course, but all hosting services do that. So if you’re thinking about trying them out, I think you’ll be satisfied. Now give me my money… … haha

~Chris McD.


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